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Summer 2008 is going to be slashy!
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  • This community deals with the slashyness that will be the EURO 2008. The EURO will be held in Austria and Switzerland from June 7 - June 29.

  • The following 16 teams will play the EURO: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. Make that 16 teams full of hunky men who will fight, sweat, tackle and... you know. It will be wonderful.

  • Share fics, icons, pics and everything else slashy and EURO-related. (Basically, this thing here will run pretty much the way world_cup_slash did two years ago.) Are you up for it? Thought so ;)


    Please read them carefully BEFORE you post. And love them ♥

  • If you posts fics (in English, please - this is an international community and English is its default language), please use an appropriate header including pairing (names and national teams), rating, warning and disclaimer. Use a beta reader. I know writers can't wait to post finished fics, but let's try to meet a certain level of quality here.

  • If you post fics, more than three icons/two pics or pics that are either not worksafe or larger than 500x500 pixels, please use a LJ-Cut.

  • DO NOT HOTLINK. Never ever. If you want to take pics, right click, save and host at your own server. Try places like photobucket or imageshack for free photo hosting. How to post pics on LJ. Give credit whenever you can.

  • If you want to discuss other (read: not slashy) EURO events, such as matches, results and the like, this is not the place (if you know a general EURO discussion community on LOJ, let me know and I'll add it here). This community euroslash focuses on EURO-related slash and its slashy moments only. DUH.

  • No spamming and no unnanounced pimpage of other communities. Contact me first. Affiliates will be announced in Mod updates. Spam posts and unannounced pimpage will be deleted. Never forget that this isn't your personal journal, but a community read by many people you don't even know.

  • Want to introduce yourself and/or make new friends? Do you have ideas concerning the community? Use this post instead of making individual introductory posts.

  • Want to promote a team/OTP? Check the Master List for more info, sign up and have fun ;)

  • The community's tags will function as archive and search tool. Make good use of these features. If you post, please make good use of the tags! If you think a certain tag should be added, leave a comment .

  • Finally, this should go without saying: be nice and polite to each other and respect different tastes and opinions. Don't flame, troll or start any wars. We all might fancy different teams and players, but since we're all here for the pretty and slashy we should get along just fine and deal with each other in a mature way.

Rules will be revised if necessary. Thanks for your attention :D

(Related) Affiliates are welcome, leave a note here.

Contact? lennongirl[at]gmail[dot]com // novafairy[at]googlemail[dot]com